User Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing

With the explosion of the Internet and the rise of digitalisation in business, adversaries have new and growing opportunities to compromise organisations. Among these is the use of social engineering attacks, specifically the use of phishing and spear phishing, which in fact remain the root of some of the biggest breaches in recent years. These attacks undermine the investments made by organisations in their cyber security program because they easily circumvent existing defence measures.


Social engineering attacks continue to proliferate because they are very effective for stealing user credentials and other sensitive information. They are also relatively easy to carry out and frequently successful, and therefore give hackers a good return on their investment. In fact, numerous security industry reports show that the number-one tactic for infiltrating organisations is through phishing, with up to 95% of all attacks now making use of social engineering in one form or another.


While the threat landscape continually changes, malicious email and spam remain vital tools for distributing malware because they take the threat straight to the endpoint. By applying the right mix of social engineering techniques—such as phishing and malicious links and attachments—adversaries need only to sit back and wait for unsuspecting users to activate their exploits. In addition, approximately 30% of all data breaches are caused by repeat offenders from within the target organisation, this highlights a continuing problem that risk accumulates over time when proper education and reporting is not in place.


We have partnered with KnowBe4 to deliver Security Awareness Training that enables your employees to make smarter security decisions, every day.

The Gartner leader’s new-school security awareness training platform helps you keep your users on their toes with top-of-mind security issues


You receive measurable results that demonstrate security awareness over time. Delivered on-demand through a cloud-enabled service, the platform engages your users through interactive training combined with unlimited simulated social engineering attacks via email, phone and text.

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