Managed Threat Intelligence Gateway Services

Defensive controls used by most organisations today are aimed at preventing attacks that target vulnerabilities, focusing on the attack itself instead of on the reputation of its source.

An effective information security program should not leave the organisation exposed to previously identified threats.

An essential capability of any security program is to defend the organisation against known sources of threat that target vulnerabilities, breach systems and compromise data.


If you want to also defend your organisation against 150 Million, continuously evolving, sources of cyber-attacks, then the Threat Intelligence Gateway does just that.


We help organisations get ahead of the game by blocking globally identified sources of threats whether they are associated with malicious IP addresses, domains, BGP ASNs or countries.


The solution changes the economics of cyber defence to minimise business exposure to known sources of cyber-attacks by:

  1. Blocking incoming traffic known to be associated with malicious cyber activity.

  2. Blocking outgoing traffic known to be associated with malicious cyber activity.

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