IOT Platform

Through our partnership with DEK Technologies we provide the  DEK IoT platform, which enables organisations in various sectors to reliably and cost effectively collect real-time data from field assets.

This product was developed by using our comprehensive knowledge of IoT combined with our world class hardware and software expertise.


The DEK IoT Platform enables organisations to reduce operating costs and improve service agility by:

  • cost effectively collecting data in real-time from existing or new infrastructure (wirelessly)

  • storing the data securely (in the cloud or on servers behind a firewall on client premises)

  • enabling client’s existing Business Intelligence Systems (analytics engines) to mine the data in real-time (for operational insights)

  • improving service agility by delivering context sensitive messages to site operations personnel (based on rules engine)

One of the DEK IoT solutions installed in Australia is the School Zone Speed Limit signals.












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