Compromise Assessment Service

Compromise Assessment Service

We can all agree that  no amount of defensive controls can provide business with 100% protection.

Sophisticated attacks are designed to evade exiting security controls and remain undetected on networks for months’ if not years’.

The forensic-state compromise assessments help clients to establish trust in their IT environment for their board and executives.

Using forensic-state analysis, we systematically analyses all your endpoints to determine whether your organisation has been breached in the not so distant past or if it is currently breached.


The quicker we hunt and detect breaches, the lower the financial impact. This embodies the value of the Compromise Assessment Service.

Delivered as either a security consulting service or a managed security service, we control the breach detection gap and thereby minimises the likelihood of business impact.


If you answer is YES to any of the following questions, then a Compromise Assessment will benefit you:


  • Do you need to definitively answer whether any of your business systems are currently compromised?

  • Do you need an independent security assessment of your IT environment?


  • Have you recently experienced a cyber security incident and need assurance that all human adversaries, back-doors and malware has been completely cleaned out from your operating environment?


  • Do you need to detect and respond to sophisticated cyber breaches that have circumvented your existing controls?


  • Do you need to reduce risk, control dwell-time and maintain regulatory compliance?

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