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Golden Eagle Solutions are proud to partner with Cyberstash, a Global supplier of Cyber Security solutions.

"At CyberStash, we have designed and advanced our services in order to shift the market focus towards a robust security practice. Our mission was to develop services that increasingly returned value to other organisations. It was important for us that our clients invested only in security services that progressively matured to maintain their relevance. Moreover, we made certain that the CyberStash core principles were driven by client needs, leading frameworks and value creation.

I encourage you to take a closer look at CyberStash."

Loris Minassian (Founder & CEO)


We believe that a well-established, well-monitored, well-governed security practice will stand the test of time. We believe that these practices must have at their core a purpose to continuously improve. This is fundamental as cyber threats and the ingenuity of the human adversaries behind them are constantly evolving. Combinations of tactics, tools and procedures are increasingly being mechanised by adversaries to overcome even the most advanced security technologies. This has resulted in a position where it’s simply not enough to deliberate on how technology is to defend an organisation. Security budgets must be better spent. We must begin to invest only in security services that evolve to maintain their relevance because this is the only sure way they can continue to deliver value.

Our collective challenge is that we are faced with an overwhelming amount of information relating to cyber security.

Unfortunately, when we look closely, we find that many solutions can only deliver a single outcome and in fact, increasingly cost us more to support and maintain.

Too much of the industry focus is on detecting and protecting against sophisticated threats, whereas, in fact, what we should be trying to do is understand what value a particular control or service has at risk. This requires a 360-degree view of risks and a holistic methodology to protect, detect and respond to threats. A post-breach detection-and response strategy is also required to minimise business impact and provide business stakeholders with the security assurance they deserve. Governing these core security capabilities is what will then set the winners apart from everyone else.


Through the partnership, Golden Eagle Solutions and Cyberstash provide the following Information Security Management Services:

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